Ten-minute Writing Warm Up

by Mandi Lynn Strzelewicz, Age 16, USA


Ten is the magic number.

I found this out through a free writing assignment I did at school. Sometimes when you sit down to write you don’t where to start. I’ve found that the trick is to start small—ten minutes. Find a subject to start writing on and start the timer. You have to write the entire time—staring at the blank computer screen doesn’t count.

The subject you’re writing about for the ten minutes of free writing doesn’t even have to connect with what you need to write about. The whole point of this exercise is to get you started. For those few short minutes the words that are being written don’t matter. Even if you end up scrapping everything your wrote during the free writing, it doesn’t matter because now you’ve started! You are no longer sitting, doing nothing.

The trick is that once the free writing exercise is done, you can move to the project you are currently working on. It’s almost like warming up before you excise. When you go for a run, do you just start running? No, you stretch your muscles first. That’s what we are doing here. The free writing exercise wakes up your brain and turns on that switch of imagination that tells you, “Okay, it’s time to get some serious writing done.”


Mandi Lynn Strzelewicz is a 16 year old American writer who is working on getting her novel published. Mandi also does advice videos on YouTube about writing.Visit Mandi Lynn’s website.


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