LTC Facebook Writing Group

LTC has a private writing group on Facebook. Young writers who are on the LTC mailing list and who are active on the LTC website are invited to join the group. 


LTC Facebook Writing Group 2016 TopicsWho can join:
The group is private and each potential member needs to be approved by Laura. Laura will confirm that each potential member is on the LTC mailing list, is a young writer, and has a track record of engaging in LTC contests, submission calls and other opportunities. LTC Insider Plus+ Members are automatically approved, if they are of the proper age to have their own Facebook account.

How to join:
Log in to Facebook, find the group (“LTC Writing Group”) and click join. Please read the group guidelines before submitting a request to join. Only Junior Authors who are active on LTC will be admitted. There is no cost to join.

What if I am not approved?
Laura can usually recognize the name of a Junior Author who is active on LTC. However, if you are not approved and would really like to join, please email Laura directly with an explanation about who you are, how much you interact on LTC, and why you should be admitted. Please note that this is not a group for adult writers. Nor can parents join on behalf of their young writers. It’s important that each writer be responsible for their own words and represent themselves clearly and accurately.

Ask to join the LTC Facebook Writing Group now. Please allow 1 to 2 business days for Laura to approve your request.



5 comments on “LTC Facebook Writing Group

  1. Alexis

    How can a young writers get there works published.

  2. Ankita

    Hi Laura.
    Is there any fee that is required to be paid to join the group?
    Thank you for your time,

  3. Elsie

    This is great! :) It’s always exciting to have a community of young writers.
    Although I couldn’t join now because China blocks Facebook (and a lot of other websites)… I would be able to once school starts (my school’s wifi has VPN)!

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