Letter to the Editor from Pakistan


Dear Laura,

I couldn’t believe it when I read you were looking for writers in Pakistan on your freelance writing opportunities page. It was a great honour to see that writers from my country are appreciated at LTC. Usually we are excluded by name and there are hardly any writing opportunities for us which is very disappointing.

I was very surprised when I first found LTC last year and saw the short story contest was open for everyone––and without any entry fee. I read the contest page carefully every day before submitting my story, searching for the catch. After all it sounded too good to be true. Sure, I did not win the contest last year but it gave me a reason to write and that’s why I loved participating in it and will participate every year.

I fear to think of what would have happened if I hadn’t found LTC. Maybe I would have given up writing for the lack of any support. Here, I found someone who was actually sincere about helping young writers and gave them amazing advice. I found a community of writers my age with the same dreams, same ambitions and similar setbacks. It was very encouraging.

Today , when I saw that you were looking for Pakistani writers, I was shocked. It was the first time, I have ever seen my country being appreciated by someone for its young writers. You have no idea how honoured I felt.

When you started jaBlog! I was initially shy to have someone else reading my work but when I started thinking about it, I realized it would feel good to know that there are others reading my work. It was an amazing opportunity in which I would only have to compete with writers my age and not adults with vast experience.

I was very excited when Polly Wants to be a Writer was released and even took an interview with you about it. Sadly, it is not still available in my country and I do not have any reader to read an e-book. Also when converted to Pakistani rupees the price is too high.

I know it is impossible for me to ever join the LTC team (something I would love to do) because I haven’t read Polly. Thank you for everything.

Amna Gillani
14 years


Dear Amna,

I have two pieces of good news for you. The first is that if you have a computer, you can download a free Kindle reader app and purchase a Kindle copy of Polly Wants to Be a Writer on Amazon.in. That is probably the cheapest way to get it. The second is that I understand that in some countries my book is difficult to get. In this case I would encourage you to apply anyway and just let me know that you have tried to get it, but cannot. That should not be a barrier to applying to join the LTC Team.

Keep writing,


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