Letter to the Editor: Appreciation for Polly’s Story


Dear Editor,

Through the columns of your esteemed jaBlog! I wish to express my gratitude for your book Polly Wants to Be a Writer.

Somewhere between my unfinished drafts that were carefully stacked up in one corner of my shelf, laid the paperback edition of the most well-crafted help book in fiction: Polly Wants to Be a Writer. I found it on an unexpected day when my room needed a cleanup.

Holding this book, I admired the cover illustration of baffled Polly looking helplessly at Scrum gnawing away her laptop. I excitedly flipped open the book and started reading, there and then, as if I had met an old friend.

Engrossed in the adventures with Polly, the novel took me through the journey of my old self––the wannabe writer. Polly and I had been so alike, I wondered if she was my old, lost twin! Going through the story, I questioned myself of letting go of writing––my ultimate ambition––crushed under the textbooks of high school.

With a firm determination to getting back to writing, I hung on to each word of Ms.Whitford and worked on having every advice of hers as my practice. After reading the very last page, I felt afresh, as if transformed into a whole new person! I felt the urge to pick up a pen and let my caged imagination free on paper.

I feel proud today to be penning down appreciation to the very book that has help me get back chasing my dream when I had no hope left. I give complete credit to the author, Ms. Laura Michelle Thomas.

Thank You. Thank you for everything!

Yours Sincerely,
Akshta Khurana
(Age 13, India)


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2 comments on “Letter to the Editor: Appreciation for Polly’s Story

  1. I am greatly honored an overjoyed as well to be published on jaBlog!
    No amount of ‘thank you’s would truly express how grateful I am.

  2. I am so proud of you girl….and so glad that you continued writing! Congrats! And thank you very much Laura for writing such a masterpiece…I sincerely appreciate it….

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