Letter to Santa from a Junior Author by Hiya Chowdhury

by Hiya Chowdhury, Age 12, India

This letter to Santa was submitted for our LTC Insider Plus+ Weekly Challenge


Letter to Santa Hiya Chowdhury jablog!Dear Santa,

This is a secret. Tell no-one I have been writing to you, unless you want me to be the joke of the century at school. My closest friends tell me I’m hitting thirteen the day after Christmas and that I should stop this, but I’d rather not. So, yes, you will get a letter from me every Christmas in your little red, frozen mailbox up the North Pole.

I have a wish list––something you get enough of––but it’s no ordinary one. The gifts are probably easy to make, and you’ll not work your little toy-making elves to death. I need a huge bag of creativity, mingled with some imagination. I think I had this, till a few months ago. But I used much of that supply up and left the rest unused for a long time.

Now that I have an amazing idea, I can’t write it down because that little bit of creativity I had left was all rusted up, and there was nothing I could do to release it. No kind of oiling would work on this! So, I have devised a new plan.

I figured out that if I keep writing I will always get to multiply my creativity. In that way, Ms. Laura Thomas’s Polly workbooks and writing exercises are great for practice. I tell you, if you’re the Universal Santa, she is hands-down the Santa of the Internet. No offence to you though.

Now the only thing I need, is to replenish my source of creativity quick. And you’re the only person who can help me with that.

I’ve resisted the urge to kick our neighbour’s trespassing cat thrice this year, and I think that is enough to make the Nice List. So I expect my gifts by early next year then, please?

And if you have some extra time, do throw in the perfect playlist of the most dreamy, inspirational songs you can find. You’ll make my Christmas.

Ho-Ho-Ho to you too!

The merriest of Christmas to you and your elves,


Hiya has been an LTC Insider Plus+ member since the program began in October of 2014. She writes: “When I write my thoughts and words are mine alone, till I let them out in the open, whereafter I hope they speak louder and stronger than I ever could.”


2 comments on “Letter to Santa from a Junior Author by Hiya Chowdhury

  1. Cindy Green

    This is so great! Awesome job. Happy belated birthday :)

    • Hiya

      Thanks a lot Cindy! Your letter was pretty amazing too! :)

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