Letter to Santa from a Junior Author by Cindy Green

by Cindy Green, Age 15, Canada

This piece was submitted for our LTC Insider Plus+ Weekly Challenge


Letter to Santa Cindy Green jaBlog!Your Benevolence the Adored Saint Nicholas, Lord of Generosity, Master of Decorations, Harbinger of Joy and Christmas Spirit, the First:

My dear Sir, for hundreds upon hundreds of years you have been known to sail through indigo, starry skies on a wizardly airborne sleigh. Your fame also affirms, Your Benevolence, that you deliver holiday gifts to children worldwide.

As the seasonal occasion creeps upon us, and your faithful elves unfailingly scurry to gift-wrap goodies for billions of young, waiting souls, there remain the few numbers of us who would like to request a different holiday treat this Christmas.

Those few numbers of us are writers. Hardly a worthwhile pastime for yourself when you have elves to order about, candy to test-taste, stocking designs to approve, and gift-wrapping to oversee. But the percentage of us here, who are only busied with simple human lives, quite enjoy this recreation; whether it be a hobby or career.

And I–a growing, learning, stumbling-yet-confident young author–humbly give you my Christmas wish list.

1) Patience. As I said, I’m confident, but still stumbling. And when I fail for the seventh or seventieth time, I’d like to have the perseverance and patience to turn that trashy piece of writing into a new garden, with hopeful flowers poking out of the dirt of my first drafts.

2) Books. I can’t ever, ever get enough of books. They are worlds of words in our hands; they are the inspiration we turn to; they are something we aspire to have with our own name on someday. Like maybe… Polly Wants to Be a Writer?

3) Slogan sweatshirt. A warm, cozy sweatshirt with that perfect writer’s slogan. Keeps me warm while I’m writing and lets the world know to be checking for my published work someday!

4) Wordy board games. You can’t go wrong with the classic Scrabble! We need these to keep us quick-witted on limited resources. Better yet, do you have a Scrabble board carpet?

5) Inspirational quotes. Can I have a whole book of these? Maybe, like, a fifty-million-page book?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Give my love to all the reindeer, especially Rudolph.



Cindy has been an LTC Insider Plus+ Member since it first was offered in October of 2014. Cindy writes, “Expressing emotion, thoughts and feelings is a must for all of us. I try to do that through writing rather than anything else.”



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