Letter: Never Stop

Dear Laura,

When I first heard about the Junior Authors Writer’s Conference, I’d thought that I’d like to make a visit Canada. There are very,very narrow platforms for young people like me to promote their work, and conferences like this make it so convenient. It sounded amazing. But overseas travelling is quite expensive, especially since I live in India, and plus I don’t come from the most financially equipped family.

I think what you do is extremely respectable and admirable. You’re a writer, and I know how the general population might undermine the efforts that go behind writing a proper piece of prose or poetry, but I know how hard it is. So it’s really quite surprising how you manage to run and care for this website so very much. The LTC site was a lucky stumble for me. I entered the 2014 poetry contest,and as you can see, I’ve stuck by. It has helped me grow. Honestly, sometimes I’m led to think I wasn’t even half as good a writer as I am now.

I love writing, and I love learning about writing. I go through the jaBlog! entries every week, and there are so many new styles and methods of writing that I have picked up. Learning is a mix of unfamiliarity and recognition, it can take you across globes and make you cross dimensions. I am only human; I work towards perfection. I’m on a walk to become better, leaving behind stories as markers as I go; this website, this community, these people and you, the beginning of many such stories.

I’d really like to meet you someday. It’s not going to be this October. But as soon as I’m eighteen, I’m getting a ticket to Canada, and I’m getting a ticket to the conference, and I’m shaking your hand.

I can understand how difficult it is to manage the contest and the blog and life all together, so here is me sending a silent applause for all that you do and all that you have done.

Please never stop.

Meghna Chatterjee


One comment on “Letter: Never Stop

  1. Kinneret

    Amen! Well said, Meghna!

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