Letter: LTC is a “Second School” for Aspiring Writers

Dear Laura,

Ever since the age of eight I have wanted to be a writer. In second grade, I wrote so much and for so long that I developed a permanent callus on my right hand. But once I hit third grade, all of my ideas were gone. Poof! Like Cinderella turning back into a servant when the clock hit twelve.

But then it all changed. In the spring of 2015 I started to write again, after nearly a three-year writers block that followed me like the wolf followed Little Red Riding Hood. A search for young writers contests led me to your website, where I entered a list of goals and the short story contest.

After being a finalist in that contest, my confidence was boosted, and I submitted work after work to jaBlog! Apparently, though, I have gotten a little too cocky and confident. I was turned down many times, until I finally managed to write something good enough for your blog.

When I found out that I had been published, I think that my neighbors found out as well. When I got the email, I started jumping up and down in our apartment, yelling,”Yes!” at the top of my lungs. Little did I know that was the beginning of my passion and desire to be a real, actual writer.

In these past few months, I have grown as a writer and a person from your website. I have gone from a struggling sixth grader into a more confident seventh grader, and a better writer to boot. This website is like a second school to me. It teaches me not just about writing, but through contests and challenges and being rejected or accepted, I have learned lessons about hope, pride, and the determination to pick myself up and try again.

Gone is the little girl who could never write a word down, because they could never come. Your website has shaped me into what I am today, and I am striving to get even better.

Thank you for the bottom of Jack’s beanstalk,
Brooke Hemingway


4 comments on “Letter: LTC is a “Second School” for Aspiring Writers

  1. Georgia

    Wow brooke,
    yet again you’ve really hit me with your writing.
    keep writing!

  2. Amna Gillani

    Your letter is quite relatable, Brooke.
    Best of luck. It’ll be great to read more of your work in jaBlog in future so keep up the good work. =)

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