Letter: LTC is a Home for Writers

Hi Laura,

I’m not very good at writing these things (rather ironic as I’m a writer) but I’ll try now. It was my dad who found your short story contest, which went on to lead me to your website. As I got to better know what your website was about, I discovered that it wasn’t just a website but a community–a home–for writers worldwide. I have often wondered how you do it because I know you have a family and writing isn’t always the highest paying job, yet you give so much to us and I am very humbled by it. There is nobody else out there like you.

I rave about you to my parents and friends if they’ll listen about my writing antics because I feel very, very blessed. You may not know it, but you have inspired me and taught me so much. Every time I interact with you, I always think about how hard you work for us and I can’t even imagine slaving over 1000+ short story entries until your eyes cross or writing back to young writers on a daily basis who are seeking writing help.

And also, these words still haven’t been able to express enough for how thankful I am for the opportunities you have given me. I didn’t write this before because I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to find the appropriate words, but know you are on the top of my list of my favorite writers because you always continue to amaze and inspire me at how hard you work.

I have spent a good hour and a half of thought on this one message because I wanted to find the perfect words to express my gratitude…yet they are still not quite right. I won’t say whether the short story contest should be free or not because that is entirely up to you. Both of my parents are self-employed and I understand what its like to have to work hard and not always receive the compensation you need. However, I am beyond thankful for you, Laura and for what you have given me so far.

Please, always keep writing.

Tiffany Smith


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