Letter: Constant Comfort

Dear Ms. Thomas,

It’s been a long time since I’ve answered to a weekly challenge, written a short story, or gotten involved in LTC.

Some rather unfortunate things have been happening in and around my life, and usually I would turn to writing for comfort, but this time I’ve completely turned away from it. It’s these times when I question whether or not I am a writer.

But the LTC emails that constantly turned up in my inbox constantly reminded me that I should write because I am a writer. I wanted to thank you for that. And also, sorry for disappearing from the writing world, whether or not you noticed.

On a separate note, I wanted to send you an update on my current progress regarding my 2015 writing goals. I did not achieve a lot of things I had hoped to, but having goals definitely helped me write more than I usually would. A report is attached.*

Thank you, one more time, for the community of writers you have called together. You truly are the Queen of Young Writers.

Elsie Jang
Shanghai, PRC

*Elsie did attach a report of her writing accomplishments for 2015. The list of pieces she had published was long and impressive. I had noticed that she had not been participating in the weekly writing challenges recently, but she certainly had not disappeared from the writing world. On the contrary, she was fully present and highly successful! – Laura


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