Let the Big World Read Your Words

by Talitha Bent, Age 16, Netherlands


The world is big.

Sometimes I have the feeling that I am too small for this world, that I mean nothing to it.  There are so many things I can’t do or find difficult, like standing in front of many people and talking to them. But how can you let the world know about you and your opinion if you are not able to speak?

I found a way. It is simply called: writing. If you want to let the world know about you and can’t speak with your voice, then speak with your words. Write them down on paper. Make it as good as possible and save it.

I have folder: my crazy and totally stupid ideas #1 through #52. Every week, as an exercise, I try to find something unusual in the world that I keep thinking about. For example that words are quite similar to humans. And, I write about it.

Gradually, when I write, I start to realize what I actually think and how my mind actually works. It can be a real eye-opener. Also, in public, this works. I know what to say and what not to say.

It sounds strange, but by writing down the words and by looking at how they are used, I can use them in class and become more confident. And this isn’t just for shy people. The most confident people I know have said this is a very good exercise, and that they have learned from it.


Talitha Bent is a a 16 year old aspiring writer from the Netherlands. Talitha says, “I want to improve my English and just let people hear my voice through my writing. That’s the main goal of my writing: being helpful.”


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