Writing Is Like a Tap

by Kabir Malhotra, Age 11, USA


Writing can be many things. A career, a hobby, or even someone’s whole life. But either way, it is a big part of life.  Writing is words taken to a level beyond reckoning. You are painting a picture, one that is unique for every one who envisions it. Writing is an elevation of art and music.

I love writing and think it is one of the oldest, and most sacred practice of the human race. To document things people experience is almost like a primal human urge. If you see something cool, you want people to know. Also, if you imagine something cool, you can transform it into an entirely new world and share that with everyone else. Writing is an easy way to do that. It is also a big part of communication.

Writing is like a tap, where all my imagination can flow and fill up the page. It is an important aspect of my life. I can get away from my world, full of grades and homework and tests and possessions, and be in a world that I create, that I control. To me writing is the thing that people should love as much as people love sports or art.


Kabir Malhotra is an 11 year old writer from California who loves writing and reading.


2 comments on “Writing Is Like a Tap

  1. inspiring…. atleast writting is better than hanging out with friends

  2. Anuradha W Ramachandran

    Great going, Kabir ! Keep writing …

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