2012 Junior Authors Short Story Contest Winners


We were impressed with the writing overall. It was a good year. There are so many career opportunities for writers right now and writing short stories is a great way to hone your skills. We hope you will enter again in 2013! And, I want to add that if this was English class, and not a writing competition, every story entered would have scored a B+ or higher. I know that only the top six stories in each category earn prizes, but each of you should be seriously proud of your work! – Laura Thomas


14 – 17 Category

FIRST PLACE Winner of a Chapters gift card & publication in The Delta Optimist
Where to Look” by Simran Hothi of Richmond – READ Simran’s story

SECOND PLACE – “The Plum Tree” by Amneet Mann of Surrey

THIRD PLACE – “Snow Globes” by Erin Spence of Parksville

FOURTH PLACE – “Searching Men” by Shea Joshi of New Westminster

FIFTH PLACE – “For the Sake of My People” by Valerie Flokstra of Chilliwack
*This is the 3rd time that Valerie has placed in the top 6 in this category. Way to go, Valerie!

SIXTH PLACE – “Lacking Sense” by Rachel Wong of Surrey


10 – 13 Category

FIRST PLACE Winner of a Chapters gift card & publication in The Delta Optimist
Flying Away” by Noa Wang of Delta – READ Noa’s story
*This is the 3rd time that Noa has won this category. Nicely done, Noa!

SECOND PLACE – “My Name is Oil” by Aziba Rehman of Surrey

THIRD PLACE –  “Dear Me” by Brody Butts of Blind Bay

FOURTH PLACE –  “Mayazoql and the Secret Oasis of the Bladinqxis” by Vanessa Medeiros of Surrey

FIFTH PLACE – “Your Hand in Mine” by Madison Smith of Armstrong

SIXTH PLACE – “The Imperfect Trio” by Kylie Brind of Delta


Children’s 6 – 9 Incentive Category (not competitive)

ALL children who entered this category will receive a gift and a certificate of achievement in the mail. Please note that next year there will no longer be an incentive category for this age group. Instead, children aged 9 will compete for prizes in the new Category 4.


To all 2012 Contestants…

Please feel free to leave a comment about this year’s contest below. If you won a prize, please let me know what that means to you and what your next writing goal or project will be.


Thank you to Ricki Willing, Ladner Business Association and Cackleberries.com for sponsoring prizes for the 2012 contest!



24 comments on “2012 Junior Authors Short Story Contest Winners

  1. The great story writer

    Just wanted to ask if Children’s 6 – 9 can submit a short story for the Incentive Category. Thanks

    • There is no incentive category this year. However, if your child is 8 years old, he or she may enter the 9 – 11 category.

  2. Elizabeth

    If June 30th is your birthday, would you go into the category for the year you are leaving or entering?

    • Hi Elizabeth. Please put the age that you are on June 30, 2013.

  3. Caitlin

    I was looking for SOme writing competitions to enter and I came across this one! I’m really excited to enter and I read the previous stories and thought they were really interesting! I also thought it was cool how you reply to all messages. Can’t wait to submit my story!

    • Hi Caitlin. Glad you found us! We look forward to reading your story.

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