2009 Junior Authors Short Story Contest Winners


10 – 13 Category

WINNER –  Read “Ocean Ghost” by Noa Wang
Winner of a $100 Chapters Gift Certificate provided by Ricki Willing of Sutton Seafair Realty

SECOND PLACE – “Confessions of a Daredevil” by Emily Lieuwen
Winner of a $25 Black Bond Books gift certificate donated by Ladner United Church AND a gift package from Starbucks at Scott & 72nd in North Delta

THIRD PLACE – “The Sea of Blood” by Anokh Singh Dhillon
Winner of a $25 gift certificate for Once Upon a Huckleberry Bush Children’s Bookstore in Vancouver

FOURTH PLACE – “The Bitter Side of Sugar” by Noa Wang

FIFTH PLACE – “Untamed” by Kimberly Monteith

SIXTH PLACE – “Look” by Diane Lee


14-17 Age Category

WINNER – Read “The Way the Page Turns” by Monica Nederend

Winner of a $100 Chapters Gift Certificate provided by Tsawwassen First Nation

SECOND PLACE – “Incomplete Assembly” by Mariah Dear
Winner of $25 gift certificate for Sublime Art Supplies and Gallery in Tsawwassen AND a $25 Tim Hortons gift card provided by Tim Hortons in Tsawwassen

THIRD PLACE – “Reminiscence” by Sage Brownell
Winner of a $25 certificate for Kidsbooks in Vancouver

FOURTH PLACE – “Tick Tick” by Victoria Gomez

FIFTH PLACE – “Lady in the Woods” by Danielle Gregory

SIXTH PLACE – “The Lockdown” by Tess Porteous



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