Junior Authors Short Story Contest

The contest ran from 2008 – 2015 and is no longer going to be offered due to declining interest.

jaBlog! LTC’s literary blog is accepting original short stories up to 1,500 words until June 15, 2016. Please consider submitting your original writing to the blog. We respond to all submissions.

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Again, due to declining interest and lack of financial support, jaBlog! will run its new final issue in July of 2016.

jaBlog! Submission Guidelines


2,255 comments on “Junior Authors Short Story Contest

  1. Em

    Hi! So are you for sure about jaBlog! running it’s final issue in July 2016? :( if so, that’s quite sad :( will you still be running the junior authors contest after the final issue of the jaBlog?

    • Hi Em. No, there isn’t enough interest from young writers, and I don’t have the resources to keep LTC going after July 31st.

      • madison lorin keeler

        could I email you something that I have been working on?

        • Hi Madison. I am no longer accepting submissions. I am also no longer available for private coaching sessions. You best bet is to purchase the $4 workbook for the type of writing you are working on in my store, and to read jaBlog!

  2. chipkodog@hotmail.com

    Has this contest been cancelled?
    It was announced and I have a printout which notes Age Categories, Prizes, Rules and Submission Criteria.
    The context was announced on Apr 1 2016 with closing date of June 30 2016.
    Disappointed if it was cancelled after it was announced as I have a young daughter who has worked hard on a piece of writing for it based on the criteria given. She purchased the workbook too.
    Please confirm. Thanks.

    • I made the announcement that this contest was cancelled to my mailing list and posted it on the contest page on March 9th. The contest never opened on April 1st. This website is in the process of shutting down due to lack of support and interest. After 8 years, I can no longer afford to offer free contests.

      The workbook is not part of the contest. It is a resource intended to help young writers create a publishable piece of short fiction and can be used as a guide to write any short story.

      If she is under 14, she could try submitting to the magazine, Stone Soup. I would say that she could also submit to jaBlog! but I am shutting that down too. The final submission deadline was June 15th, and we will cease publication at the end of July.

      I know your disappointment. This was not an easy decision to make.


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