Junior Authors Poetry Contest

The poetry contest ran from 2013 – 2016 and is no longer going to be offered due to declining interest.

jaBlog! LTC’s literary blog is accepting poems until June 15, 2016. Please consider submitting your work. We respond to all submissions.

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Again, due to declining interest and lack of financial support, jaBlog! will run its final issue in July of 2016.

jaBlog! Submission Guidelines


541 comments on “Junior Authors Poetry Contest

  1. Shannon

    That sucks. A day late and a dollar short I guess. I wish y’all were still running this thing.

  2. Adaline G.

    How do I know if my entry is sent in? Could you confirm my entry? Thanks!
    Adaline G.

    • Hi Adaline. I’ll be sending out a welcome email to everyone who entered the contest tomorrow, after the deadline.

  3. Wilson

    Would it be alright if i copied a phrase from somewhere else? For instance from a movie.

    • Hi Wilson. I’m not sure how you are going to use it but the general rule is that when you copy a line from another published work you must put the line in quotation marks and include a footnote.

  4. Sanjivani

    Hi Laura
    It would be a great help if you could confirm receiving my entry for the junior authors poetry and whether the format of the file is compatible.
    Thank a lot , Laura

  5. Ahmad

    Hi Laura, I want to submit an edited entry of my poem “The Sentiment of Our Past.” Please give me a go ahead to submit my poem again so that you can delete the precious entry and accept the new one

    • Hi Ahmad. You can do so any time. When it’s time for judging, I will only read the most recent submission. Any previous versions will not be judged.

  6. Soumya

    Ms. Laura, is it really necessary to give age proof? I haven’t so if you say I shall do that.

  7. Soumya

    My greetings Ms. Thomas
    Thanks for organizing this contest. Well I have sent my poem and I’d be glad if you could confirm if you have received it or not. Well may I know if this contest is judged by you or a panel of judges?
    Once again all my love and wishes to you and your initiative.

    • Hi Soumya. I see your entry in my inbox. I will send updates about the contest and judging when the contest closes. I usually ask a local poet or two to read the entries as well, but I am the lead judge and I read every poem at every stage of the judging process; ultimately, it’s my decision who the winners will be.

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