2014 Junior Authors Poetry Contest Winner Category 4

Anya Ambarish, Age 10, Virginia, USA


The Insult

The minute the words left my mouth
I felt like a boxer being knocked out
Even though I had delivered the punch

I could feel the hurt I had made
Radiating off like a silent signal

I had created this monster
This comment that was hurting so much
So I was the one who had to feel the pain
The guilt

Apologies wouldn’t help
No matter how sorry I was
Only time would take the pain away
A whole lot of time

After living with this burden
I have never said anything so hurtful
Because I know that as much as it will hurt their feelings
It will hurt mine much more


Anya Ambarish Junior Authors Poetry Contest Winner 2014I live in Dulles, Virginia. My favorite subject at school is reading, but I also enjoy science. I am passionate about poetry, writing, reading, tennis, basketball and Ping-Pong. This poem is one of my works expressing how I feel about bullying.


3 comments on “2014 Junior Authors Poetry Contest Winner Category 4

  1. Sabree

    I really like it, I can relate to your poem. Which I think is a very good quality to have in poems

  2. S R Joshi

    A great poem on introspection.
    I fully enjoyed it.

    • osman panda

      Hi Anya,
      You are phenomenal, and your poem is quite an inspiration
      Keep it up and do not stop writing. Get a title, start writing, and the pieces will fall into their niches. Good Job
      A-Any time you are bored, just cough.
      N-Next you feel is a new thought.
      Y-Yawn then if you cannot cough
      A-Away will go your boredom

      That was just a little ACROSTIC for you and your dad who is my friend. God bless your family.
      osman panda.

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