2014 Junior Authors Poetry Contest Winner Category 3

Izzah Khairi, Age 13, Alberta, Canada



If you were a star
in the midnight mass
I’d follow you––
I’d follow you north,
I’d follow you north,
ride the dunes and risk the tides,
watch glacial monoliths
ever so slightly, and
know them a million thousand years from now
sunk onto the belt of the Earth;
watch arctic foxes dye with red
while they feast on rawboned arctic hares;
watch the sky transmute
as constellations that hang
on tinny wires of the universe
rebuild themselves star-by-crackling-star:
with you in the middle of it all:
turning, turning, crossing, folding, stitching;
repeat the cold
that buries our love.


Izzah Khairi currently resides in Calgary, Alberta, but would like to travel the world one day.


3 comments on “2014 Junior Authors Poetry Contest Winner Category 3

  1. Anya Ambarish

    Very beautiful I loved the way you described the landscape. Well done

  2. Brooke Hemingway

    That poem was really beautiful. Great job.

    • Dorcas Wong

      I agree. I love how it talk about how no matter what, the reader would follow.

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