2013 Junior Authors Poetry Contest Winner Category 3

Alyssa Patterson, Age 13, Maine, USA


Young Winter 

The bitter wind whips
Across frostbitten faces,
Sunrays slip
Under the outstretched horizon.
Icy fingers tug
On a back patio door,
Searching for refuge
From the unforgiving squall.
As the door gives way
Waves of heat roll,
Washing over
The frozen children.
Boots tramp through
Leaving small foot tracks,
Giving way
To soaked through snowsuits.
Steaming rows
Of hot cocoa sit,
Waiting to warm
Eager mouths.
Heat invades
Spreading through small bodies,
As icy fingers wrap
Around boiling mugs.
Little ones snuggle
By the crackling fire,
Eyelids heavy
From a long day’s play.


Alyssa Patterson

Alyssa Patterson

It was a very snowy day up in Maine and I felt inspired to write. So I got out my pen and paper, and started writing. It took me many tries to get the poem to be something meaningful to me. I decided to base it on my many experiences of playing outside when I was little. After several drafts I finally felt like my poem was ready. I am so thankful to have received this honor and I can’t wait to see what is next for my writing future! – Alyssa


One comment on “2013 Junior Authors Poetry Contest Winner Category 3

  1. Mahnoor

    That was such an amazing poem!

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