2013 Junior Authors Poetry Contest Winner Category 4

Jack Prebble, Age 9, Christchurch, New Zealand


The Top Team

People planning
Teams talking
Children chattering
Groups growing

Boys believing
Girls reeling
Winners working
Fearless feeling

Timer ticking
Opponents fearing
Whistle blowing
Crowds cheering

Chairs scrape
Silence falls
Mouths tremble
Voices cheer
Parents pace
Players call
Feet race

Heat rises
Floor squeaks
Sweat drips
Suspense peaks

Success in sight
Played it right
Sirens sound,
Top Team found!

Big sighs
High fives
Team embrace
First place!


Jack Prebble Winner Junior Authors Poetry Contest

Jack Prebble

I wrote the poem after a varied season of playing basketball and thinking about what happens in team sports. I really enjoy writing poetry and winning this award means readers round the world can share in my ideas about the emotions we go through sometimes struggling to win! – Jack


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