June Fiction: Sidewalk Chalk (a poem)

by Cindy Green, Age 15, Canada

Artwork by Lucy Zhang

The fiction prompt for June was “sidewalk.”


Sidewalk Chalk
June Fiction Sidewalk Chalk Poem jaBlog!
Clack! Skipping
On the sullied, silver sidewalk,
Drawing faces with
Dusty, powdery chalk.

Smearing fuchsia pink
On my clammy fingertips,
Pretending it is “makeup”
For my wind-chapped lips.

Scrawling jagged games
Of dancing, hypnotic hopscotch,
Numbering lopsided squares
To fiercely lash with rocks.

Chocolate pigtails dangle
As I draw around the block.
Click! Skipping
On the grimy, graying sidewalk.


Cindy writes, “My obsessions include writing, chalk, bubbles, and everything that lights up and glows in the dark.”


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