June Fiction: Living the Performance (a poem)

by Bethany Wood, Age 15, United Kingdom

Artwork by Katie King

The June fiction prompt was “freedom.”


Living the Performance

Living the Performance - jaBlog!Spinning, twirling,
bending, whirling,
skipping, prancing,
lilting, dancing,
feeling, dreaming,
meaning, breathing,
glistening, gliding,
sparkling, shining,
smiling, weeping,
living, leaping,
flying, soaring,
Ballerina performing.
Could this be stardom?
No, this is freedom.


Bethany says, “When I struggle to be the poet, I become the poem, and it is only then that my pattern of words truly comes to life.”



10 comments on “June Fiction: Living the Performance (a poem)

  1. Wonderful poem!!!! Simply beautiful!!

    • Bethany Wood

      Ah, thank you so much Madison!! I dance myself and it really makes you feel this way!
      -Bethany :)

      • Audrey Corno

        I dance too!

        • Bethany Wood

          Really!! What type of dance do you do?
          – Bethany :)

  2. Hiya

    That’s the only word I have for this poem.
    And you must forgive me, for due my inability to articulate it any more (Because I am spellbound after reading this beautiful piece of writing), I’ll have to leave it at that:)

    • Bethany Wood

      Thank you, that is really kind – I’m pleased you liked it so much!
      All your lovely comments really do inspire me to keep going!
      -Bethany Wood :)

  3. Brilliant poem Bethany! I love the rhyme scheme.

    I also love the quote at the bottom by you. Great!

    • Bethany Wood

      Thank you Hannah! The quote is very true…
      -Bethany Wood :D

  4. Muhammad Talha

    A really good poem. Bravo !

    • Bethany Wood

      Thank you so much. Your comments mean a lot to me!
      -Bethany :)

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