June Fiction: Infinitesimal Freedom (a poem)

by Jadine Ngan, Age 13, Canada

Artwork by Katie King

The fiction prompt of the month for June was “freedom.”


Infinitesimal Freedom - jaBlog!Infinitesimal Freedom

looming cloud of dappled greys,
promising rain
against the pale azure hanging
over still river waters, is just like every other

Overcast morning,
storming gale,
hazy, settling fog in that it

Has a glimmering silver lining,
lurking under layers of deception,
yet to be discovered.

If you stare long enough,
raindrops are showers of shooting
stars, and I’m reminded of the way a

Last goodbye means
a new hello, and
these late-night tears foreshadow
a luminous someday smile like how

Radiant joy pales in the face of infinite
tragedy, but freedom is nothing
without dismal captivity, and
the brilliance of life without the imminent threat of death becomes
meaningless, and shining day without the darkest obsidian night
defiles the meaning of blazing light

Shining through a gap in somber
clouds three minutes after
the pouring rain halts,
its assault on
one girl relatively

Full of restriction,
but seeking infinitesimal freedom under

looming cloud of dappled greys,
promising rain
against the pale azure.


Jadine is a writer that has been infatuated by words ever since she can remember.


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