June Fiction: Birth (a poem)

by Olya Wickham, Age 18, Australia

Artwork by Katie King

The fiction prompt of the month for June was “freedom.”


Birth - jaBlog!Warmth—
Surrounded by the affectionate chamber,
Like a foot in a sock
Or a key in a lock;
It traps us in its comforting cage.

All I feel is the heat blazing like the fire,
Fulfilling my desire,
And the tender touch of soft, flaccid walls that encase me.
Curled up, barely moving a finger,
And never opening my eyes for I know not the world,
I float stilly in the darkness.

Everything is perfect,
Everything is fine,
Until one mundane day,
I am pulled away.

I stray from the warmth,
Although I have no intention of leaving.
I do not wish to lose my soothing feeling.
I’m pushed and pushed,
And I see a flicker of light;
My eyes open,
And I scream in fright.

I am cold, so cold,
My warmth is gone,
And the brightness stings my eyes.
So I cry some more.
What is this world that I’ve entered to?
This cruel, bitter world…

I never wished for freedom,
Only to continue being at peace.
I wish to run from this icy world
And back to the loving cavity I remember.


Olya writes, “I am currently writing my first epic novel along with a poetry book of audio poems and musical accompaniment.”


3 comments on “June Fiction: Birth (a poem)

  1. tani

    rocking……………………………….what is the epic about

  2. I loved your poem Olya!!!! You write beautifully!! Keep up the GREAT work!!

  3. Nice poem! I like how you’ve picked a negative look on freedom, especially as many people look upon birth as a positive thing. It’s different and unusual. I like it!

    I particularly like the phrase ‘It traps us in a comforting cage’. It’s almost an oxymoron, as cages are (stereotypically) uncomfortable places to be, and you’re normally there because you’ve done something bad. The twist you’ve added is brilliant; also as cages are meant to be unlocked once they’ve served their time!

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