June Fiction: An Ode to Pavement (a poem)

by Meghna Chatterjee, Age 15, India

Artwork by Lucy Zhang

The fiction prompt for June was “sidewalks.”


An Ode to Pavement
An Ode to Pavement
I weep silently
As the street lamps watch,
With grey bricks,
A wishful sidewalk
Beside an empty road
With a broken backbone

I’m used to bustling feet
Thumping on my face;
Different sized shoes, kicking,
Trying to make ends meet.
But I stay still;
An endless stretch of concrete chessboard,
Played by dusty soles of human feet.


Meghna says, “I write when I’m lonely; I write when I’m happy. I write because it is something that helps me get through each day.”


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