July Fiction: That Summer (a poem)

by Meghna Chatterjee, Age 15, India

The fiction prompt for July required the authors to start their submissions with the following line: “It was the last thing I had expected to happen on the first day of summer break.”


That Summer 

Fiction Prompt: That Summer (poem) jaBlog!It was the last thing I expected to happen on the first day of summer break,
After four years of furtive glances and
Silent whispers across the hallways–

You said my beer-breath tasted nasty
But you kept kissing me anyway.

And my car made strange noises all the way back,
drowning out the sound of our bad singing.
The tape deck chewed up the mix tape I made you,
so we let the radio carry us home.
That Summer was a holy grail hidden from us by history,
That Summer was an ancient ruin, waiting to be discovered,
A long, slow night of whisky trips and constellations of broken glass spread across the ground.
I showed you the stars,
pointing out the things I remembered my grandfather teaching me.

I am a Taurus, I like to break things.

“Like a bull in a China shop,” my grandmother used to say, as she picked up the smashed crockery.
I break everything I touch.
I cried that first night I felt your heart beat,
I knew I was already guilty and doomed to fail.

Now the smells and colours
of warm June nights
remind me of your skin,
Your weight heavy in my arms,
And the warmth of your eyes
that had melted into mine;
Now my arms lay bare and empty,
Cold in the warm midsummer’s night.


Meghna describes herself as “an aspiring writer with a hope to strike the hearts of every lover of literature.”


6 comments on “July Fiction: That Summer (a poem)

  1. Lennox

    In a different way

  2. Lennox

    I’m crying it’s so beautiful

  3. Meghna

    Thank you so much! Your comments are so encouraging!

  4. Sana

    This piece is beautiful! Definitely one of my favorites. Please keep writing!

  5. Azzi

    Oh my gosh, this is amazing. I love literature, and you definitely struck my heart. Wow. Just… wow.

  6. Tallis Baker

    Really beautiful! So sad…

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