July Drama Prompt: Writing Buddies

by Caitlin Tan, Age 13, Singapore

Artwork by Katie King

The drama prompt of the month for July was “writing buddies.”


Writing Buddies - jaBlog!Lights. The characters sit on a low wall. There is a short silence, the air is thick with tension.

ERIN: (in a flat tone) So. You’re leaving.

DANI: (nods) In two weeks.

JEFF: And exactly when were you going to inform us, Dani? Couple months maybe?

DANI: Look, I know what you’re going to say, and I’m sorry! I only got told this morning, okay. (in a more subdued tone) Grandma’s condition is getting worse, which means Mom has to take care of her, which means I’m dragged along like this boat without an anchor in a wide open sea.

ERIN: Still, you could’ve–

JEFF: Erin.

ERIN: Okay, okay. But Jeff, our best friend, is moving away! (in mock agony) Who am I supposed to gossip with, bicker with, study with or play pranks on? Woe is me!

JEFF: Hey, I’m not invisible! You’ve still got me here.

DANI: (to ERIN, pretending not to see JEFF) Erin, do you know where Jeff went?

ERIN: He just vanished into thin air! I could’ve sworn he was here just a minute ago!

Jeff finally gives up trying to attract their attention and fake pouts.

JEFF: You guys are mean.

Silence again, a more comfortable one this time.

ERIN: Sorry, Dani. I just can’t picture life without you–it’s been this way for fourteen years already. Will you still be able to keep in touch?

DANI: Of course! How else would I be able to keep up with any “JERIN” developments?

ERIN & JEFF: There’s nothing going on between us!

DANI: Psshk. (to ERIN, in motherly tone) Honey, if this boy ever breaks your heart, call me and I’ll come over and break his nose, ’kay?

JEFF: Buzz off, Dani!

DANI: Yeah, I have to go pack. I’ll leave you two alone–or do you need a chaperone?

ERIN and JEFF groan. Exit DANI.

ERIN: Jeff, I know Dani said she’d stay in contact with us, but between you and me, what’s to stop her doing a Sarah and Logan?

JEFF: You mean you’re afraid Dani will drop off the map like the twins did.

ERIN: Exactly. What’s to say she won’t replace us? She may not mean to do it, but she’ll want to have other friends and fit in.

JEFF: Then let’s make her something to remember us by.

ERIN: Let’s write her a comic–you can write and I’ll draw. Then we can bind it like we learned at that workshop.

JEFF: Oh! We could do, like, tales of all the crazy things we did when we were younger!

ERIN: Like the time when we replaced all the soap in the school toilets with slime! Or the time you rode your bike off the roof!

JEFF: Don’t remind me.

ERIN: And the time you–

JEFF: (Hastily) Come on, writing buddy, we’ve got a comic to write!

Both exit. Blackout.


Caitlin says, “I’m a theatre student at an arts school, and I’ve always wanted to combine writing and theatre.”



One comment on “July Drama Prompt: Writing Buddies

  1. Amna Gillani

    Awesome job Caitlin!

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