July Drama Prompt: Summertime Memories

by Shalini Biju, Age 11, USA


The July drama prompt was to include the words include the words: waffle, summer, drums, and movies.



SARA ROBERTS: a shy, caring girl whose mom is a famous actress and her dad a writer

JESSICA SUTO: a loud, outgoing girl who speaks out her mind, an honest and loyal friend

CALLIE SANDERS: a funny girl who loves sports and misses her dad, who is fighting in the army

All three girls are sprawled out on the grass enjoying the summer heat. The setting is the backyard of Jessica’s house. All three girls are smiling at each other.


CALLIE: (sighs) It’s a beautiful day out today! I can’t believe school’s going to end in just three days!

JESSICA: Yeah, I know the feeling! It seems like school just started yesterday.

SARA: (laughs) It was a great year filled with so many amazing memories! What was your favourite day?

JESSICA: Sara, you always ask the hardest questions! I mean, there were so many great days that it’s hard to pick just one. I’ll go second. Tell us about your favourite day, Callie.

CALLIE: I know for sure what was the best day ever. My mom was making some of her signature waffles, and–

SARA: Mmh, the ones with the chocolate and honey on them?

CALLIE: Yeah, those. Anyway, she was making her signature waffles, and suddenly we heard a loud boom. My mom went downstairs to see what it was, and after about a half an hour of searching, she finally figured out that it was just a leaky faucet. But, to her dismay, she found out that she had left the waffle iron on while she was gone!


CALLIE: Yep. I loved all the commotion! But, thanks to Sara’s quick thinking, we managed to get away with only a small burn in the carpet. Sara immediately called 911, and the firefighters got here lightning quick. That was definitely the best day of the year!


The girls are now sitting upright, JESSICA’S mom is in the near distance.

JESSICA: Wow, Callie. I’m not sure if I can top that! But I’ll try.

SARA: Okay, Jess, let’s hear it!

JESSICA: Okay, so this was the day I was trying out for the school play, and I was really pleased with how the audition went. I was super excited for the goodbye party for Callie’s dad that night. Or at least, I thought I was.


JESSICA: It was that day when I saw Mellie Mestizo’s challenge pasted in his window. I got right to work on the challenge. We had to create an original ice cream flavour. The winner would get their ice cream flavour displayed in Mellie’s shop!

CALLIE: Wow, that’s a huge prize!

JESSICA: Yeah, it was. So, anyway, I worked day and night to perfect my masterpiece: grilled cheese ice cream. I had worked on it so hard, and I wanted to get a good night’s sleep. I even missed out on the movie you two went to. But, as soon as I got up in the morning, I learned that my ice cream was home to fifteen maggots. I fought back the tears in my eyes and decided to call you guys. Callie, you were at soccer practice, so Sara came to the rescue! Together, we created an awesome combination of mango, pineapple, and coconut called Jess’s Tropic Surprise. We ended up winning!

CALLIE: Wow. Great story, Jess! You really topped mine.

JESSICA: (blushing) Aw, thanks Callie! Alright Sara, it’s your turn.

Sara: Um…my favourite day is today.


SARA: Yeah, today. Hanging out with you guys is the best gift anyone could ask for!

JESSICA: Thanks so much, Sara. You know, I’ve noticed something. In both of our stories, you were there!

CALLIE: You’re right! Wherever we’ve went, Sara, you’ve always been a huge part of our lives.

SARA: Thanks, guys! We’ll always be best friends.




Shalini says: I’ve always loved writing, especially scripts. Whenever I’m on stage, I feel a wave of calmness come over me, like someone telling me “everything’s going to be okay.” I get that same feeling when I’m writing, so when I combined the two together, I realized it was my true passion to write scripts.


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  1. Amna Gillani

    Really interesting script, Shalini!

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