July Drama Prompt: In the Heat of the Moment (monologue)

by Alixa Brobbey, Age 16, The Netherlands/Ghana

Artwork by Lucy Zhang

The drama prompt for July was to write a monologue on the theme “heat.”


Monologue In the Heat of the Moment jaBlog!GIRL is standing at a vanity table. Everything is neatly organized, except for an array of red lipsticks strewn about and a pack of gum laying next to them. She is wearing a nice but simple dress, making it clear that she has plans to go out later in the day. She picks up a dark red lipstick, removes the lid, and gets ready to apply it. However, after looking at her face in the mirror, she hesitates and puts the lipstick back down.

GIRL: Maybe I acted too soon in the heat of the moment, and I won’t be able to handle the heat of the moment. That moment when you lean in and the electricity crackling between us sends out a spark. What if a flame erupts so strong it takes both of us out? (She picks up a lighter shade of red.) Maybe if I choose the lighter red, the fire won’t burn as strongly. (She puts the lipstick back down.) But then again, you had said that even with my make-up off, the stars didn’t shine as brightly as my eyes. (She brushes some of the hair out of her face.) Or maybe that was a lie! Something you tell all the girls to make them feel pretty. And tomorrow I’ll be sitting next to you, and I won’t feel a thing. There won’t be a spark, the sun in the sky won’t even be shining. And I’ll be ever so cold. I suppose that’s when you would offer me your jacket in the hopes that it would restore some semblance of warmth. But what if the gentle wool could not make up for the chilling look in your eyes and icy hand you placed upon mine? What if the steam radiating out of my hot chocolate mug could not warm the frosty words escaping your mouth? What if we only had one spark, and that it was when I said yes, and there won’t be electricity radiating between us ever again? (She slowly raises her hand and places it on her forehead. She stares at herself in the mirror.) I don’t feel too good. Maybe I have a fever. Maybe there’s too much heat. Maybe I shouldn’t go, and we could plan for some other time.


Alixa says, “I recently found out that the truth will set me free, and hope that honesty in my writing will reach my audience and hopefully lead to a successful career.”


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