July Drama Prompt: Ice-cream (monologue)

by Nicole Ntim-Addae, Age 17, Ghana

Artwork by Lucy Zhang

The drama prompt for July was to write a monologue on the theme: “heat.”


Drama Prompt: Ice-cream jaBlog!GIRL in late teens holds a melting ice-cream cone in her left hand and sits at a sidewalk, crouched, looking at her feet. She suddenly looks up at the audience.

GIRL: Glances at the dripping ice-cream. Global warming, eh? Raises her melting cone. Switches hands. They say this month’s going to be a scorcher: the month of July. It doesn’t surprise me. Summer is supposed to be hot, but I wonder why I still go out at all. Like, not to air-conditioned sports complexes or shady restaurants but out here in the open. Gestures to the rest of the stage. It’s really hot, but like moths to the flame, we look forward to when the sun dominates the sky––when it presses its fingers against your back––and just pretend that sunscreen will save us. She fans her face. If I stay in this heat any longer, I’ll burn dark. Looks at her arms. Not that that’s a bad thing. My mom always tells me how pale I am. She teases me that I might be anemic. Ha! Looks up thoughtfully. If she wanted to put some colour in my cheeks, she should tell me to get a boyfriend like Richard again––a heat flash? Maybe that’s how you would describe my feelings for him. Hot, intense, passionate. He was the best mistake I made in high school. And probably the cause of my hate of summer, but that’s a story for winter. Shakes her fist in anger. Why not? I’ve got time…. We met at the ice-cream parlour. Can you believe it? You try feeling the flash of heat when he comes out. You try not saying that your summer fling will last beyond summer, through fall and frost. But…he bought me an ice-cream cone. How can you last in winter when you’re inviting the cold? Look up at the audience. Richard would make me sick to my stomach just to look at. She wipes her forehead. If he was an ice-cream flavor, he’d be vanilla with sprinkles. I miss him at times, you know? Especially when the sun is out like this. That’s why I always get a cone. It’s just another reason why I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream. Laughs. Stands up and leaves stage.


Nicole is a senior attending Ghana International School. She dreams too much and sleeps too little. Check out her A-level Literature blog, An Idea of Literature.


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