What’s Your Writing Place?

by Julia Graham, Age 12, USA


I have two writing spaces. The first is a short table with a cushion beside it, so I can sit on the cushion and write. It is inside a silk, tent-like canopy. The table is decorated with silk and has a salt lamp on it. In this writing space, I work on my novel. I write my novel at night. I turn off the lights then turn on the salt lamp. Then I step into the tent and enter my writing world.

My other writing place is my desk. It’s not as special as my novel-writing place. I do my homework there, write short stories and blogs. Since I work on many stories at my desk, and they’re all short, I do not enter a solidly built world every time I sit there. Instead, I build a new world with each project.

In my first space, my writing world is already built. I can step into it and easily pick up my story. But, having such a solidly built writing world can be a danger. It’s strong but not flexible. I cannot write other stories there, for that would be like hacking down my novel world and starting a new story world from its ruins. It is also hard to write my novel anywhere but in that space.

My writing desk is different. It’s flexible but not strong. There are many different worlds that live at my desk, so I can write anything there. But, those worlds are not made of solid stone like my novel world. They are made of malleable clay, flexible but not as strong.

What’s your writing place?


Julia Graham is a 12 year old writer from Ann Arbor, Michigan who aspires to be “the author of at least one published novel and the winner of several contests.”


5 comments on “What’s Your Writing Place?

  1. Julia


  2. Julia Graham

    Hello Fellow Writers,

    If you are reading this you should know two things:
    1) Laura Thomas is absolutely fantastic! I loved the little edits she made to my article, and she is just so nice.
    2) I hope you liked my article! If you have any questions, feel free to post them here. Also, this is my first piece of writing that anyone but me has ever seen, so please, if you have any suggestions for how I can improve, tell me! Don’t be afraid to be critical. I don’t get offended easily, and I don’t bite…often.
    Thanks for reading!

    • Thank you, Julia. I am happy that you appreciate my time and effort.

      • Julia

        No, thank YOU for publishing my blog.
        Also, can I submit another bog?

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