January Fiction: A Gift of Warmth (a poem)

by Sylvia Nica, Age 13, USA

The fiction prompt for January was “ball.”


A Gift of Warmth 

A Gift of Warmth by Sylvia Nica jaBlog!You handed me on that cold afternoon
Not a ball of snow but a ball of hope
A true friend’s gift of blazing warmth
From your soul, to mine, in harmony

The wind was biting like the icicle’s teeth
The snow a whirlwind of frost-hardened truths
The tears on my cheeks left burning scars
From the words of a bully, his taunts like a knife

To me, the snow on the trees was dark, but––
Soon, you came
With your eyes full of laughter, virtue, and hope
And you handed me the snowball that
You’d etched with one word: smile
And you laughed, throwing it as
The warmth of your words soon warmed my soul

Soon the bully tired, and he wandered away
The sting of his words no more insult to me
And I walked on, hand in hand with you
The fire of kindness burning in the footsteps of snow


Sylvia Nica is a writer who wants to one day spread hope through her words to people all around the world, using poetry as a way to escape the business of every day life.



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