What Writing Means to Me Now

by Jamie Letcher, Age 15, Canada


The art and craft of writing.

I’m laying here, staring at the thousands of little bumps on ceiling wondering how to describe what writing is.

Writing must be different for everybody. So I’m thinking to myself, what is writing to me? What does it mean to me when I write stories or articles or songs? Writing is much more than writing an idea down on paper. It’s about dipping into my imagination and bringing an idea to life, giving it meaning, and exploring that idea in different ways.

When I think about the art and craft of writing, I think about the six-year-old me who would lay on her bedroom floor surrounded by notebooks and scrap paper filled with stories about things like talking dogs and fictional characters whom I considered friends. I think about the diaries on my nightstand and how I wrote pages upon pages about my life, and how I’d write as if I wanted the person reading to connect with me.

I think about what writing was like for the six-year-old me. If you asked her (that six-year-old me), I’m sure she’d shrug. I guess it’s because when you’re young, everything’s less complicated and you don’t look so deeply into things. She would just write. She wouldn’t think about it.

She’d write about the friends she made while writing her last story. She’d write about the magical places her imagination allowed her to create through the art of writing, places where anything and everything is possible. Maybe then, I’d understand the art and craft of writing  because what writing meant to me then, is what writing means to me now.


Jamie Letcher is a 15 year old Canadian writer. Jamie says, “Ever since I can remember it’s been my dream to be an author. Whether it be writing articles for a magazine, or writing fiction novels. I’m always writing. One of my biggest goals in life is to be a successful writer, have my books published, and connect with an audience around the world.”



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