Writing Is More Than Words

by Jamie Dixon, Age 14, Australia


When I pick up a pen or sit down at my computer and start to write I am immediately transported into a universe of my own where I can be who I want and be accepted for exactly that. Writing is more than words. It’s perfect for me because I can make the world my own.

Writing is more than words. It’s an escape from reality. I have found over the years that I don’t have to have experienced something to write about it because I can read about it and make a memory through words that I place on the page.

Writing is about connecting with people and telling them a bit about you, sharing a piece of your life, what you stand for and who you are as a person. It’s everything to some and nothing to others but it has a place in the world and without it the world wouldn’t work properly.

So at the end of the day, writing is more than words. Writing is you and me as humans. And, because we are writing, we are making something that people in the future will remember us by. As Chuck Palahniuk said, ‘’I aim not to live forever but to make something that will.’’

Writing is more than words.


Jamie Dixon is a 14 year old writer from Australia. Jamie says, “I aim to one day have the ability to write books for teenagers and children. I thought doing a few things such as this may help me reach that goal. Thank you, Laura, for taking your time to help me and many other young people.”


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