Intermedia Arts: Programs for Young Writers in Minnesota

by Mia Martins, US West & Central Blogger jaBlog!



Intermedia Arts JaBlog!Many writers are multi-talented, pulling writing inspiration and experience by cutting their teeth on all media types. Are you a young person interested in writing and other areas of media? Do you live in Minnesota? If so, Intermedia Arts is the place for you!

Intermedia Arts is a multidisciplinary, multicultural arts centre located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Founded in 1973 by a group of college student activists, Intermedia Arts has been running for forty years. They have a large catalogue of classes, camps, internships, and opportunities available for young writers.

Despite having multiple opportunities for other media arts, the writing classes offered, many designed specifically for teens, are unrivalled in the area. Notably, they host Young Writers, a free, bi-weekly gathering of teen writers. Whether you’re a poet, an essayist, or a novelist, the other writers and adult mentors will strive to challenge you and further your writing talent. All skills levels are welcome, and transportation assistance in getting to the meeting, such as bus cards and gas reimbursement, is available.

Besides Young Writers, Intermedia Arts also offers workshops, classes and camps for teen artists. One summer camp is a film institute that includes writing, shooting and directing your own film; so if you’re an aspiring scriptwriter who wants to work in the movie business, this could be perfect for you. Furthermore, the price for the camp is a sliding scale based on the participant’s household income. Intermedia Arts also holds one-off events such as the recent Uncaged Voices: A Poetry Slam for Youth Justice, in which young adults performed spoken word poetry about several social issues.

Intermedia Arts has a number of courses offered in formats such as multi-week classes, workshops and day camps. Many, if not all, of these courses hold appeal for writers: digital storytelling for teens, intro to podcasting, creative writing, spoken word, rhythm and poetry, and many more. In short, if you have a story to tell the world and aspire to do so in an artistic way, and live in Minnesota, Intermedia Arts has a course for you.

Visit their website at to learn more.



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