I’m Going to Keep Writing

by Harsha Pattnaik, Age 13, India


When you search for the meaning of “writing” in the Oxford dictionary, you’ll find that writing is…

“The activity or skill of writing, a sequence of letters or symbols forming words.”

It is an understatement to say so. For me, writing means much more than simply jotting down words on a piece of paper.

Why do I write? Honestly, I don’t have an answer.

I simply write. I’ve been doing so since I was seven. Not to collect words or vomit a thesaurus on a paper, but because it makes me feel powerful. When I write, I create a different world where there are houses with secrets and people with traumatic pasts. Or even a cat who has a superpower.

I simply write.

Writing for me is magic. I add few characters, put life into them, add a sprinkle of emotions, breathe life into the concrete buildings and cottages, a story I can call my own. It’s a magical feeling.

What do I like best about writing?

Some may say it is the process of getting an idea on a paper, others may say it’s the sweet results after drafting and redrafting countless times. I like the entire process of writing: from getting an idea from my brain onto a paper or a Ms-Word Document and the countless redrafting.

It doesn’t matter if my story wins a prize or is published. For me, writing is an addiction, something that gives me joy. And I know I’m going to keep writing until I can’t pick up a pen (or type) anymore.


Harsha Pattnaik is a 13 year old writer from India. 


2 comments on “I’m Going to Keep Writing

  1. Harsha

    Thanks Laura for publishing my article!

    • Hi Harsha. Publishing is the easy part. Thank you for writing it! :-)

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