I Love Writing

by Brent A. Middleton, Age 19, USA


Ever since first grade, writing has been an enormous part of my life. That year I wrote my first story ever, and it felt like the most amazing thing I’d ever done. Every year since then I’ve worked hard to perfect my writing craft, especially my vocabulary and grammar.

To me, being a great writer—at least where creativity is concerned—means being able to harness the power of one’s imagination to its fullest potential. This is one of the aspects I struggle with the most,  but it’s also the most enjoyable challenge I’ve ever had.

Loads of story lines, ideas for subject matter, unique character names, and even just cool and meaningful dialogue flood through my mind all the time. But it is often tough to remember all of these ideas and narrow them down to what might make the most sense for a given short story or poem.

But that’s the amazing thing about writing creatively; all it really takes is a vivid imagination and a pen, and great things can happen. It really is a welcoming art, and that’s definitely evidenced by the massive amounts of novelists and poets in the world today and throughout history. No matter one’s skill level or experience level, he can still produce something that, at least in his mind, means something. Nowadays people can share that meaning with the world in seconds.

I think the thing I love most about writing is the escapism. From thinking of cool character names to creating fictional lives, there’s just something about having an idea and being able to create a world out of it that makes me fall back in love every time I start a new project.


Brent A. Middleton is a 19 year old writer from the US. Brent says, “I’ve wanted to be a writer my entire life (almost literally, since age 6) and I’ve worked hard at fine-tuning my writing skills over the years, although I’m always learning more.” Visit Brent’s blog.


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