How to Establish a Writing Career When You Are Young

by Yasmin Zadunaisky, Age 11, Canada

Artwork by Katie King


Establishing a Writing Career as a Young Writer - jaBlog!Being a young author can be tough. On the Internet, people comment on poorly written stories, saying it was like it was written by a ten-year-old. These comments, despite the story being written by an adult, can feel insulting, even if you’re a little older than ten. Who says ten year olds can’t write good stories?

Sometimes it feels like you want to show them what you can do. Other times, you have too many ideas in your head and don’t know where to put them. Maybe you just want to look good as a “young author” when people see your name. Whatever the reason you want to get your writing out there, here is how to establish a writing career when you are young.

1. Build your resumé.

You don’t have to start with something big. Maybe you published an article in your school newspaper. Did you receive a pretty decent place in a writing contest? Whatever it is, put it in. The more you build your resumé, the better chances you have of doing something big.

LTC has many opportunities for young writes to add good stuff to their writing resumés. That’s what we are here for, but it’s up to young writers to take up the challenge. – Laura

2. Look for opportunities; don’t wait for them to come to you!

If you think you’re pretty capable of doing something bigger, then do some research. A couple of good keywords include: young, writer, author, kid, publish, story, and reporter. Remember, if you don’t try, you won’t get anywhere.

3. Just do it!

If you’ve finished a book, send it to a literary agent or publisher. You know there’s nothing to lose. If you are rejected, be happy that someone in the industry read your work! You can always self-publish, and when the time comes that someone actually wants your work for a real publisher, then you can always go for it.

4. Join a writing website.

Plenty of websites such as KidPub or Wattpad let you write your stories and publish them online. Who knows? Maybe an important publisher will read your work.

5. Contact an author.

Most won’t mind giving a fellow writer some tips to success! The authors who present workshops at the Junior Authors Writers Conferences are a good start. You can also get in touch with Laura directly or browse her writing tips page.

6. Keep writing!

You’re bound to find something perfect that lets you get your writing out there. Never stop believing that you can do it. These are all suggestions, and you’ll probably find even more great ideas as you get further in writing. No matter if you are a world famous author or just getting started, never give up.


Yasmin Zadunaisky is an 11 year old writer from Canada. She is an avid member of Owl Magazine’s Think Tank and is currently writing a chapter book.


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