How to Create a Unique Story Using Things You Know

by Yasmin Zadunaisky, Age 11, Canada

Artwork by Journey Meyerhoff


How to create a unique story jaBlog!I very recently discovered that everything I like is connected. Writing, reading, sports, social change, and, yes, even those sitcoms that I can’t seem to stop watching. All of these things can be put together into one amazing story.

If something causes you emotion, it makes it a lot easier to write about and pour out your feelings. Simply, if you know something, it’s much easier to write about. Here are a few steps to creating a unique story based on things you know.

Step One: Choose the main core.

Books, TV shows, and movies are perfect examples of where to find a core story. Lots of people I know are fanatics about a particular series or franchise. If you’re one of these people, be inspired by the characters you’re in love with! It’s easy; just change their names, past, and their current life story. No one will call it a fan fiction because it isn’t if you make the characters your own.

Step Two: Add and exaggerate. 

Give these characters a new passion or hobby. Here’s a hint: make it your passion or hobby. Change things up a little by making things unlike how they are in real life or in the main core. Then add a little more drama. In your life, your passion is probably a thing you do everyday, and it won’t change in your life one way or another. In the story, if it keeps going with the same plot or storyline every time, there won’t be any variety to it. Just add something.

For example, let’s just say your character collects stamps. Maybe they just got accepted into the Stamp Collectors Club! Try to make this a big change in your story. If it causes you emotion, then it’s even better.

Another hint: Try to not make this passion writing! I know I suggested writing about things you like, but if every author does this, then only stories about writers would exist. This is okay every once in a while, but think about it: Would you like to read about the same thing all the time?

Step Three: Build it into another story!

Your characters and main plot are already done. Now, you have to create! Consider changing genres. Changing your story to a different genre can give your story a fresh feel. If your main core isn’t already fantasy or crime or another genre, this is the time to make your story fit one of these.

Congrats, you just created a unique story!


Yasmin Zadunaisky is an 11 year old writer from Canada. She is currently writing two novels, a couple of short stories, and has recently gotten into songwriting.


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