How I Know I’m a Writer (a poem)

by Anya Ambarish, Age 10, USA

This piece was submitted for one of our weekly writing challenges.


How I Know I'm a Writer Anya Ambarish jaBlog!How I Know I Am a Writer

An energy surges through me,
A lightning bolt of words,
Touching everything from the top of my head
To the tip of my toes.

I scramble to put them on paper,
All the thoughts in my head,
Because I know that, like a wave crashing,
They will soon be back in the sea of unknown.

This feeling I get when composing
Is what makes me a writer,
Because a true writer doesn’t want to write,
She needs to.


Anya Ambarish lives in Virginia and is in the fifth grade. She is passionate about poetry, writing, reading, tennis, basketball and ping-pong.


One comment on “How I Know I’m a Writer (a poem)

  1. That was a beautiful poem. Very true.

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