Just Tell Your Story

by Heather Mei, Age 15, USA


Writing is not simply putting words onto a page. Sure, you can just throw words onto a blank word document, but is the act of throwing words down classified as writing?

A few years ago, I was among the legions of mindless preteens seeking refuge from that horrible waste of time called “English Language Arts.” We smacked words down onto paper without any thought, using a thesaurus to sound smart.  Unfortunately, this tactic failed when, one day, we were told to write our own story.

Chaos and confusion mingled in my brain. “Write about something that changed you,” the teacher said. We had talked and analyzed stories all year, but I felt like I was scrambling to get up out of a ditch. My shoulders slumped forward. I was ready to admit defeat, throw down something, and call it a day.

Then, an idea fluttered in my mind. I swiveled my head, trying to catch the thought. My eyes met the dim lamp on the desk. I placed my hands on the keyboard as if I was a child prodigy about to make her grand debut. My hands danced across the keyboard. I finally understood what writing was. Writing was not about the range of diction; writing was about telling your story and letting it be known to everyone else.

After writing two pages without stopping, my hands needed a rest.

The next day, I handed the paper in with a smile on my face.


Heather Mei is a 15 year old writer from the US. Her big dream is to have a novel published; her small dream is to have an article published in print. Heather has won an Editor’s Choice award for short fiction from Teen Ink.


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  1. Priyanka

    This is a really good article :)

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