Write Like You are Scribing a Drunk’s Tale

by Harry Alston, Age 18, England


Something occurred to me whilst I listened to drunk and otherwise intoxicated friends tell stories to groups of people over the weekend. It was something that I have always thought about, but have never articulated, either in my mind, or on paper. It is why I choose to surround myself with such interesting and fascinating people: they tell great stories.

Telling a story whilst drunk is somewhat similar to writing a short story. Let me explain.

When you write a story you put your entire heart and soul into each and every word; each thought process and idea is considered and run through a collection of cross-referenced experiences and inspirational events. Each story is a little part of the author. Thus, your inhibitions must be harnessed to allow this detail about your life be shown to the world, or in this case, a blog.

And what does alcohol do? It lowers your inhibitions.

Everyone can write, just like everyone can tell a story, or draw a beautiful picture. It is not a lack of talent, only a fear of the outcome. If you are too scared of the reception, you will never complete anything at all.

Thus, I adopted a new tactic for my writing, something I want to share with you:

Write like you are scribing someone telling a story.

Catch their hesitance, their wit and their caution in your writing because that is what literature is: stories. Forget the fancy grammar and delicately crafted sentences. They are not the reason people read stories; they want to be entertained, thrilled and humoured.

Tell a story before you do anything else.


Harry Alston is 18 and from South East England. Harry says, “My main aspiration as a writer is to make a difference; I get a real thrill when people leave me random, thoughtful comments about how my writing has touched them, or helped them in some way. I’d also quite like a huge library, but that’s another matter all together.” Read Harry’s blog.


One comment on “Write Like You are Scribing a Drunk’s Tale

  1. Sebastian

    Wow, this is excellent and very insightful. Awesomely written.

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