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Want to Review Your BookjaBlog!
Browse the Junior Authors Blog #jablog archives for articles on the art and craft of writing fiction and non-fiction.

Tips & Questions
You can also find a list of writing tips, advice, prompts, and exercises on this page. If you don’t see an answer to your question, email it to Laura.

I think you may be the only professional writer I’ve met that cares so much about helping young authors. It means a lot to me. – Nikki

Fan Fiction Challenge
There is an fan fiction challenge in Polly Wants to Be a Writer. If you write a piece, Laura will give you feedback on it for free and she might even publish it in jaBlog! INFO

I heard about Laura Thomas and people said that she is awesome and she has many awesome writing tips then I opened her site and apparently she holds a writing contest so I decided to join, I guess I could get some tips and tricks to write better. – Nazala

Writing Videos
You can also watch short writing videos on the LTC You Tube channel.

Goal Setting
If you need help setting and achieving your goals, you might want to think about taking advantage of our annual goals page.



352 comments on “Free Writing Help

  1. Charolette

    Hi Laura. I have a suggestion for LTC… How about a forum, probably a chatroom, for young writers to interact, share their goals, writing pieces, advices etc and kind of, become friends with other junior writers too?

  2. Hi Laura,

    I sort of have two questions that are really one question. Question(s): How perfect does your manuscript have to be to send to a traditional publisher (I understand that if they like it, they’ll tell you about what they envision) and how should you go about getting feedback from someone other than yourself.

    At some point in their editing process, authors usually ask someone they trust for feedback. Personally, I know that I just plain miss things, no matter how many times I might edit my own project (I’m talking about novels in particular).

    My issue is, my parents keep saying that they’ll read my novel but they lead a busy life, and its been weeks since I asked them. Also, I’m having a difficult time convincing my sister to read my novel manuscript, because I’ve asked her for feedback on so many different things that she becomes annoyed and I’ve been given the impression that she really doesn’t want to read it. I don’t want to burden people with reading and helping me edit or give feedback on my novel, but I don’t want to send a messy manuscript to a publisher because I didn’t seek the feedback I needed. Whats your advice, Laura?

    • Hi Tiffany.
      Here are a few truths to ponder:
      1) reading takes effort and is time consuming;
      2) expecting technical feedback from a non-writer is not fair;
      3) an author can be her own editor if she gives herself time to forget the details of the story;
      4) on the first pass, an editor will only read the first chapter or two to determine a novel’s value.

      • Thank you, Laura. Your reply was very helpful. I never really thought of it that way. It really isn’t fair to expect technical feedback from a non-writer. I’ve edited my book a good 5-6 times, fixing plot, grammar, etc. Do you suggest that I polish it up, make sure my first few chapters give a good impression and start seeking out publishers?

        • Hi Tiffany. Without seeing the manuscript, I really can’t say for sure. You will have to trust your gut.

  3. Yasmim

    Hi Laura,
    I recently finished my novel, and was getting everything done to send it to the self publisher I was counting on. Checking back, it said they were no longer accepting manuscripts! Do you know any good publishers that I could possibly send my work to?

    • Hi Yasmim. Amazon’s CreateSpace self-pub service is quite popular. You might want to check it out.

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