Flashes and Flickers (a poem)

by Cindy Green, Age 15, Canada

This poem was submitted for an LTC Insider Plus+ weekly writing challenge.


Flashes and Flickers

Flashes and Flickers Poem jaBlog!The world flashes and flickers
in the day;
it glows and gleams
in the dark.
But the light is from the screens that line
the shelves in our home like art.

“We’re so busy!” we say,
and we are–
But then how do we find
the time,
the endless time, it seems
to bend over those light-producing devices?

We think we notice everything,
the printed skirt she wore
and the too-long tie hugging his neck
but we really notice
and the things that escape our attention
are so often the most important.

No one sees the broken people,
the ones who need our attention and care.
No one hears the distant
cries, the isolated tears.
They are right beside us every day.
They laugh right along with us.

Anyone can play charades,
behind their screens like the mask
that everyone already wears.
And so,
no one asks any questions.
When will we stop acting
that everything is alright?

The world flashes and flickers
in the day;
it glows and gleams
in the dark.
And it’s time for the light to come from us.


Cindy says: “Recently, here in my home town, the police enforced a lockdown for hours in a store parking lot because an armed man sat in one of the cars. It wasn’t long before he shot himself, and I wondered what would have been found if someone had noticed, had looked under the mask of this man. People need us, and no one is an exception.”


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