Five Reasons to Keep Reading During Exam Season

by Natasha Graves, UK Blogger jaBlog!

Artwork by Katie King


5 Reasons to Read jaBlog!The impending final countdown to exams is once again looming over all our heads.

For many young writers in the UK, we start to begin our hardcore revision during Easter break, but so many of us forget to indulge in the sanctity of reading. It’s important that we don’t forget to take breaks from our revision every now and then and engage with some recreational reading. I know sometimes revision can seem to suck all the energy from you, but reading a good book can spur you on to achieve exam success.

Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t put that novel on hold during exam season.

1. Reading Improves Memory

Taking some time out of revision to read can actually increase our chance of exam success. This is because every time we read, we are exercising memory muscles in our brain, and just as with physical exercise, the more we use these muscles, the stronger they become. We could all do with an extra boost in memory power, no matter what subject we are studying.

2. Reading Reduces Stress

Everytime we read a work of fiction, we are transported into a different life, time, place, or even world, giving us time to forget about the stress of exams for a couple of hours. We do need to unwind every now and then, otherwise our revision will just simply become less effecient as we become more and more stressed.

3. Reading Improves Vocabulary

Of course it would, since we are digesting hundreds of words every minute. The more words we can add to our vocabularies, the smarter those essays are going to sound!

4. Reading Boosts Analytical Skills

When we read, we are constantly spotting patterns in the plot and examining the techniques writers use in order for us to understand the message behind their work. This can only help to boost our analytical skills in a vast variety of subjects, since every academic subject includes the need to understand words or patterns.

5. Reading Can Give Us A Greater Insight Into Our Subjects

Finally, no matter what subjects we are studying, there is bound to be wider reading that will accompany our classes. For example, if you’re studying history, why not read around the time periods that are part of your course?  This could involve reading non-fiction such as biographies or memoirs, or you could even read fiction about the time or event your exam is on.

Don’t put those fiction books down this exam season. They are nearly as useful as your subject textbooks. However, let’s not forget reading fiction isn’t just useful to help us pass our exams. It’s a priceless leisure activity which is not only fun but key to helping us become the best young writers we can possibly be.



One comment on “Five Reasons to Keep Reading During Exam Season

  1. Hailey

    You know you read too much when . . . My first thought when I saw this was: there’s such a thing as not reading? What? I can’t relate, but I certainly approve.

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