Five Gifts for Writers

by Tegwyn Hughes, jaBlog! Blogger

Holiday time is here, and whether or not you celebrate Christmas, these precious weeks are the best time to buy your favourite writer a gift! Without the pesky distractions of the usual daily grind at school and work, writers are able to devote themselves fully to being holed up in their rooms, hunched over a laptop or notebook or typewriter. Why not reward them for their hard work with one of these five gifts for writers?

1. A New Notebook

You may think that a writer would have enough empty notebooks to last a lifetime–aren’t writers always buying new notebooks? While this is usually the case, no writer can refuse a beautiful new notebook to jot down their ideas, doodle, or pour their hearts into. A notebook is a great thing to carry around for when the perfect story idea strikes on the go.

2. Brain Food

By brain food, I mean snacks. Unlimited snacks. Sick of your favourite writer wandering around the house bringing the contents of the pantry back to their room to eat while working? An easy solution is to give them their own secret stash of granola bars, candy, and juice boxes–a gift card to the grocery store will be met with a lot more joy than you might think.

3. A Distraction-free Environment

The littlest things like the shower running, the dog barking, or the stairs creaking can distract a hard-at-work writer. At the same time, not every household can accommodate the need for complete silence at all times. That’s why gadgets like white noise machines are so handy. They help to block out other noises so that any writer can concentrate on their work without interruption.

4. Books, Books, and More Books!

There is nothing a writer loves more than procrastinating by reading someone else’s writing. When I know I have to get some writing done, my guilty pleasure is to curl up with a new book and waste my time in the best way possible. While this shouldn’t be encouraged all the time, it will definitely score you some brownie points with the writer in question. Plus, reading has been shown to improve writing skills, so really you are helping your writer hone their skills!

5. Support

What does a writer need above all? Lucky for you, it won’t cost a thing: your support. Writing may seem easy, but it can be stressful and exhausting for even the most seasoned wordsmith. Whether writer’s block, rejection, or a broken computer has them down, the thing they need the most is to know that they have loved ones who support their passion for writing.

Christmas may only be a few days away, but if you still need to do some shopping, this list will definitely help! Happy holidays, jaBlog readers!



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