Finding Creative Writing Inspiration Through Music and Art

by Olya Wickham, Age 18, Australia

Artwork by Katie King


FindingCreativeInspirations - jaBlog!Every creative person understands the importance of inspiration and how best to approach their own creation. This article is mainly aimed at writers who are also sufficient in other creative areas such as music or illustrating.

Inspiration Through Music

For all of those musicians out there, I can’t stress enough how writing and music go hand in hand. Being able to understand the concept of music will greatly benefit your writing.

Both writing and composition consist of the following items.

An Introduction. Having a good introduction is vital to gaining the audience’s attention. If you are a writer, write something that will capture the imagination. If you are a musician, compose something compelling to the ear. This can be done by analyzing other successful people and mixing some of their elements with your own style. Someone once told me that to create something successfully, it must be 80% similar to other people’s work but 20% different. There is enough difference for you to stand out but not enough to alienate the audience.

A Climax. In music, this can be done in several ways such as with suspended or sevenths chords or by playing louder or higher. In writing, the same process can be used. You can add tension or cliff hangers to accentuate the climax of the story by using powerful, descriptive words. You can set any mood you want, but keep in mind that this will be the part the readers are striving towards; and it must be excellent.

An Ending. Everything should flow naturally without too much variation, or else it will become a completely different project. You will eventually reach the end of your project; and how it ends greatly affects how the audience will remember and perceive that project. You can end the story abruptly or gently ease into it and resolve the given story or song. In saying this, don’t have your project end with a cliché. It is tiresome and unoriginal. Instead, try putting a new twist on an already existing idea.

Inspiration Through Art

Now for the illustrators out there. If you don’t paint while writing, then start. Having a visual representation of your story will greatly inspire you to be more descriptive. Imagine each scene as if it were a movie. What time of day is it, and how will the shadows fall? What kind of weather is it? Gelid, stormy, halcyon? Imagine every detail of the scene and then write or, better yet, paint a picture of it.

Paint the landscapes you wish to write about, draw the clothes characters are wearing. Not only will you remember more about the story but having a visual element makes it “real” and not just a bunch of words scribbled on paper. If you get the opportunity, design book covers for your story.

Remember, creative writing is a lot more than just sitting down at a computer and typing. It’s an art form that meshes with several other creative aspects to bring your imagination to the world. Incorporate all types of mediums into your writing. This will truly make your story come to life.


Olya Wickham is an 18 year old writer from Australia. She is currently writing an epic adventure saga amongst other works such as young adult picture books.


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