Five Ways to Fight Writer’s Block

by Sebastian Starcevic, Age 14, Australia


Inspiration can be hard to come by for beginners and seasoned professionals alike. Unfortunately, writers block is the single most harrowing yet common obstacle a writer must face. If you find yourself continuously stabbing the backspace key in frustration, follow these five motivational steps towards reaching your goal.

Step 1: Look around. What do you see? Turn on the news, make note of any special occurrences, unusual-sounding names or interesting locations. Some things that seem unremarkable at first can help spark the incentive you need to get started on your novel, essay or blog entry. Example: Neil Gaiman, famed author of Stardust, discovered the idea for his novel on a late evening after watching a shooting star sail across the night sky.

Step 2: Drink, eat and relax. It sounds silly but the truth is, you can’t grind an idea out however much you try. Kicking your feet up with a sandwich or milkshake is ideal in that it can help smooth out the creases in your creative conveyor belt. And remember, writing should always be fun even if it is challenging.

Step 3: Find your special place. Where does inspiration usually strike? In the shower or before bed? At home or outdoors? Identify the location in which you feel most comfortable and stay there.

Step 4: Meditate. I don’t mean Tai Chi or yoga. Sitting in a quiet space and just reflecting can be an immense aid as it helps organize your thoughts and can make room for more ideas to come.

Step 5: No expectations. Shut the lid on your laptop. Put away your notebook. Until you have a firm idea of what you want to have down on paper, my recommendation is that you don’t allow yourself to feel pressured into writing anything.


Sebastian Starcevic is a 14 year writer from Australia. 


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