February Fiction: Geometry (a poem)

by Jane Liu, Age 17, USA

The fiction prompt of the month for February was “shapes.”



A circle peg doesn’t complete a square hole
A square peg doesn’t complete a circle hole
All the force in the world
Would only flatten the square and
Shave the circle until the square is
A circle and the circle, a square
Until what is runs counter to what
Was, and what was would never
Be again; because circles are not
Squares, and squares are not circles,
Because to pare a peg is to plug a hole:
It happens, but the geometry is spoiled in
The lines and the aesthetic, and the geometry
Is no longer reality, for reality puts pegs
In awkward configurations and empty hearts.


Jane says: “Though I enjoy writing humorous short stories and poems, I’m currently working on a YA novel with darker themes.”


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