February Drama Prompt: Okay

by Rachael McDaniel, Age 16, Canada

Artwork by Katie King


MILES and ERIC, both 18, lie on the floor of ERIC’S room.

Okay jaBlog!MILES: Is everyone else still downstairs? Have they left?

ERIC: I don’t even know. Or care. All I can see is myself, in the future, a few hours from now, probably comatose.

MILES: Mm. Same.

ERIC: I still look hot, though.

MILES: (turns over on his side to look at Eric) You mean now or in your vision?

ERIC: Why not both? I see me looking hot, forever and always unto eternity. (giggles)

MILES: You’re a prophet.

ERIC: Yeah, I know that.

MILES: And not just that.

ERIC: Yeah, I’m a prophet, and I’m hot, too. We said this already. Everyone says it all the time. I’m just that hot.

MILES: Yeah, you’re pretty…pretty. (more giggling)

ERIC: You think I’m pretty? Of course I’m pretty. I’m pretty like a pretty prince. Eric James, prettiest boy at the dance.

MILES: But not just that! You’re special. You’re, like, the only thing that matters.

ERIC: Aww, Miles.

MILES: I was so ugly and alone back when we met, and I felt like everyone was always leaving me, but somehow, after all these years and everything we’ve said, I still feel safe with you. Only you.

ERIC: The feeling is totally mutual.

MILES: Oh, my God.

ERIC: Don’t be sick. Are you gonna be sick?

MILES: Yes. Because I love you. So much.

ERIC: Hey, man, I love you too.

MILES: No, you don’t get it. I am so in love with you. You’re the only person I’ve ever been in love with.

ERIC: Yeah, I mean, that’s, like, friendship love. Like family love, except better.

MILES: No. You are so obtuse. No. I am in total love with you.


ERIC: Okay.


MILES begins laughing hysterically to the point of nearly sobbing.

ERIC: Hey, are you—are you good, man? Are you gonna be okay?

MILES: Are you kidding? Of course I’m okay! I am literally “okay” personified! Just like—I can’t believe this is really happening to me. I remember seeing some post on the computer, like, someone’s relationship status, and the girlfriend commented, “I love you,” and the boyfriend commented, “Okay,” and I just kept laughing because it was so hilarious! And now it’s my real life! Five years’ worth of the strongest feeling I’ve ever felt!

ERIC: I’m…Miles…Okay, just breathe deeply and calm down…

MILES: Five years! And I finally say everything that means anything and I get an “okay!”

ERIC: Please calm down.

MILES: I’m calm. I’m so calm.

ERIC: Are you sure?

MILES: Yeah. I just don’t know whether I should be laughing or crying. Maybe both.

ERIC: I’m sorry.

MILES: Stop.

ERIC: You know, I—I might…Sometimes…You and me—

MILES: Eric. Stop.

ERIC: Huh?

MILES: Don’t say anything. Just—just—never mind. Never mind. It’s okay.


Rachael McDaniel is a 16 year old Canadian writer. She says, “I write for the same reasons others abuse psychoactive substances, or become hermits or write sad songs. In a word, love.”



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